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Rental Pools

Our seasonal rental pools are outdoor and personally owned, therefore we do not display the specific addresses online to protect the owners. Please be aware that our seasonal hours/days may not all apply to these rental pools as we rent them out according to their owner's wishes. To explore specific details on these pools, please email us.

1. No pool access? Rental pools are a great option!

  • Please send us an email and see what rental pools we have near you. We have rental pools in Dahlonega, and Dawsonville. Our hour minimum requirement does not apply to these pools but there is a $5 rental pool fee per 30 minute lesson. 

2. When do outdoor rental pools open?

  • All of our outdoor rental pools are heated. Download the session schedule (pictured right). Find out when our sessions begin and when sign ups start for each. Please keep in mind these pools have a finite number of swimmers allowed as we only teach with one swimmer/one instructor in the water at a time to ensure there is plenty of parking space for families coming and going.

3. Do you want lessons before our outdoor season begins?

  • We have two indoor locations available year round! For further information please click here.

  • $30 non-refundable registration fee per year.

  • Debit/Credit card required on file OR a gift card equal to the amount of lessons scheduled.

  • $35 per 30 minute lesson.

* Not including a 2.5% service charge.


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