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  • How does registration work?
    Please click the button below to be directed to the "How does registration work?" page of our website!
  • Are lessons always a one to one ratio? Or are there exceptions?
    We truly believe in making the most of lesson time, which is why all of our lessons are private; one on one lessons. The only exception being two to three swimmers that are on a competitive swim team, or given the okay by one of our instructors, (ie; can swim multiple strokes efficiently), you can combine lessons. We will permit two to three swimmers to swim together for one hour or more to aid in endurance strengthening, technique, increasing lung efficiency, and learning proper competitive regulations.
  • Does pricing change based on the amount of swimmers I sign up?
    No. Our prices stay the same no matter the amount of swimmers. All swimmers regardless of age will be assigned a minimum of thirty minutes per lesson. Lessons more than thirty minutes are reserved for adults and competitive swimmers.
  • Frequency of Lessons
    Our lesson frequency is based on your budget and availability. Spots are first come first serve upon signing up. We strongly recommend continuing at one of our indoor locations year round after the summer session has been completed. We recommend the following schedule per your swimmers ability: 2 times a week from your start date through the end of session (The best option for students under 2 years old, or very fearful swimmers ) Once per week- (This option is dedicated to families on a budget, diligent swimmers and/or competitive swimmers)
  • Have you ever told a parent to quit lessons because their child was not ready for lessons?
    We have never told a parent to quit! Even if the first session is rough, you will be thanking yourself for starting early because our swimmers learn at an exponential rate right from the start! The longer lessons are put off, and the older the child gets, the harder it is to teach them. As we grow older we become more aware of our surroundings, making an older child more fearful. In addition, younger swimmers naturally have an instinct to hold their breath. The older they get the faster the instinct goes away.
  • How does scheduling work?
    Please click the following link to understand more about our scheduling process. Scheduling procedures differ depending on location (ie. rental pool vs travel lessons. CLICK ME.
  • Mixed Ability Instruction
    We no longer offer semi-private lessons; each lesson is individual.
  • When/How do we pay?
    We use square for both payments, and appointments. The credit/debit/gift card saved on file will be charged the following business day after your lesson; you will receive an emailed receipt for the transaction. ​ *Swim Warriors does not have access to any of your credit card information upon you saving it to your profile.* A credit/debit card is required to be on file. If you do not feel comfortable with this option you may buy a giftcard equal to the amount of swim lessons you are scheduled for to remain on file in lou of a credit/debit card. Lessons that fall on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, will be charged the following Monday.
  • How do you train your instructors?
    After an extensive interview, and background check, each instructor is rigorously trained months prior to the season starting. Including over forty hours of in water training, extensive classroom time, and testing. In addition to in-water check offs (hours of critiqued lesson observing), before being released as an official instructor. We have in three quality control supervisors in place to check in with our instructors' teaching; their purpose being to take pictures, and videos to be reviewed by senior staff throughout the summer. In addition, we now have lead instructors (third or fourth year team members) that will support their assigned instructor's lesson plans, cultivate new ideas, and address concerns throughout the season. We also have in-service trainings scheduled throughout the season for the purpose of refreshing instructors' skills.
  • How long should we enroll our child in lessons?
    They should take lessons until you feel confident with your child swimming without a life jacket at the beach or lake. Your child should stay in lessons until you have that peace of mind, that typically comes seeing your child, confidently and nearly effortlessly (like second nature) rolling over to floating/saving position in many different scenarios. In the US, tragically 3,500 to 4,000 people drown per year. That is an average of 10 fatal drownings per day. Drowning is the LEADING cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages 1-4. Our program emphasizes long term goals and confidence. I love to use this example- If you teach your child to ride a bike, but only practice once a year for 1-2 weeks and then stop until the following year would you be confident in their bike riding abilities? Knowing when to brake, when it’s safe to cross the street, how to handle hills etc. No. It’d be like starting from zero every time. This is why we encourage our parents to stick with lessons for as long as possible. Building on their skills and confidence. Programs that promise results in a week worth of lessons DO NOT work. In a few weeks or months your child may develop a different fear/challenge- as they grow and discover- new problems arise. It may be of the deep water, or they’ll become more aware of their surroundings and find that an exit point is not easily found. Kids change SO MUCH on a week to week basis and different environments present different problems. Their confidence needs to be reinstated in the water every week or on a reoccurring basis; as well as there are so many skills to be added after survival skills are learned. In a state of panic in water you want lifesaving skills to come without thought….completely automatic. We are so excited to now offer year round lessons so that our swimmers are not practicing three-six months out of the year, they can practice for as long as it takes for parents to have that peace of mind. Swim Warriors’ #1 goal is ensuring your child’s safety around water.
  • What age do you start lessons at?
    Lessons start at 6 months and up!
  • What if my swimmer cannot complete a full 30 minute lesson?
    All of our swimmers complete 30 minute lessons regardless of age or ability. Our instructor may use extra breaks to play/bond with your swimmer in the first couple of lessons in between introducing new skills. This is based on the instructor’s evaluation.
  • What does a first lesson look like for new swimmers?
    Lessons start out slow for new swimmers; getting wet with toys, learning how to kick and scoop above the water, monkeying on the wall, entering and exiting the water safely, and searching for rings. All of our swimmers, regardless of experience, go under during the first lesson. We believe it is important to tackle fears head on. The quicker we introduce going under, the more comfortable our swimmers become. Babies between the ages of 6-18 months have a unique instinct to hold their breath being that they're in water for nine months (mommy's tummy). Learning how to float and roll over (swim-float-swim) is non-negotiable and will be practiced every lesson. Communicate with your instructor on ways to practice in between lessons. Lessons are most effective when both the guardian and instructor work together in providing confidence and encouragement.
  • What is the main goal when learning to swim?
    Our primary focus is survival swimming. We rely on the swim-float-swim method. All swimmers, regardless of their age, must swim a minimum of 20-25 yards independently without the instructor in the water before we move on from the skill. In order to be "checked" off completely from the survival swimming skill, the instructor will flip the swimmer upside down to ensure they can swim, float, swim and find safety. Some parents choose to do this skill with their swimmer fully clothed, however this is optional. Typically swimmers in our program who are above the age of four move on. to freestyle and backstroke quickly. Check out the videos below to see our program in action!
  • What flotation device do we recommend?
    We do not support our students continuing to wear a puddle jumper when beginning our program. In fact, remaining in this 'flotation device' will counteract the very lifesaving skills we are teaching your child. ​ The best way to be safe around the pool is found through swim lessons. We strongly encourage parents to stay in the water with their swimmers and practice with them, versus having your child wear a flotation device the entire time in the pool. ​ Life jackets are an option but we typically recommend for them only for the beach, lake and boating. As for the pool setting, we like our swimmers to use the 'Toysharing Back Float' found on Amazon. This device prevents your swimmer from maintaining a drowning position, keeping your swimmer horizontal in the water, and gives your them full use of their arms and legs. Swimmers can float successfully on their back, completely parallel on the the water with the aid on. As your swimmer gets better, you can take another block off the back of the swim device in order to slowly wean them from it. You will see our instructors start with two floatation blocks, as starting with four is often too much. When using this device, we recommend that students wear goggles to encourage them to swim with their face in and out of the water. ​ If your swimmer is too young to use a lifejacket, we recommend a float such as the following on Amazon: Mambobaby Non Inflatable Baby Float Swim Trainer Pool Float with Canopy Swim Ring.
  • How can I personally help my child improve?
    You can help aid your swimmer by practicing in the tub (i.e. taking monkey breaths, trying on goggles, looking at toys in the tub, dumping water directly over their heads, etc.), and by practicing in the pool (scooping and kicking after a toy on their bellies, going under towards the wall or the stairs, looking at diving rings on the steps with goggles, monkeying on the wall, jumping in and catching them). Anything to encourage independence can be included here. TAKE VIDEOS of your swimmer! Show them on repeat until the next lesson! More information on this is provided in your welcome email.
  • Will my child’s instructor provide tips to better their technique and experience?
    In order for lessons to progress at a fast rate we encourage our parents to practice with their swimmers as much as possible. Please ask your instructor for tips! Please understand that cancelling lessons can greatly affect the outcome of our program on our swimmer.
  • How do you match my child with their instructor?
    Each instructor has different strengths and are chosen based on the information the client provides regarding their swimmer, including their needs, abilities, and personality. We have some that specialize in competitive swimming, some in special needs, some in infant survival, etc.! Please understand that failing to list detailed information about your swimmer on your registration form can result in them being placed with an instructor who is not the ideal fit for your child.
  • What do I bring to swim lessons?
    Parents can count on their child’s instructor to have goggles at all times to utilize during the duration of their lesson. We highly recommend purchasing goggles for swimmers to practice outside of lessons using them and being comfortable in them. In addition having your own pair of goggles saves our instructor time in the lesson as they will not have to adjust their pair to fit your child each lesson. Please bring a towel along with swim diapers if your swimmer is not fully potty trained. Competitive swimmers or adults may bring water if they choose to do so. Goggles, swim caps, flippers, training aid back packs, and swim suits are available for purchase at our indoor location located at 471 Quill Drive Dawsonville, GA 30534. We are open 8:00am-8:00pm, seven days a week. Travel instructors will no longer carry goggles for purchase.
  • How early do we arrive for our lessons?
    Please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your child’s lesson. Have your child ready to enter the water: wearing proper swim attire and potty time completed (if applicable). In addition, you agree to abide by the specified dates and times for all swim lessons. Please understand that if you do not arrive within 15 minutes of the lesson start time, your instructor is authorized to leave the pool and you will be subject to cancellation fees.
  • When do sign ups begin?
    Please CLICK HERE to view the 2024 swim sign-up schedule for our indoor locations.
  • How much is it to sign up?
    Our indoor lessons have a $40 non-refundable registration fee per year (clients signing up January- March). There is a $35 non-refundable registration fee per year (clients signing up after March). The registration fee is per family/household, due after your dates have been proposed & approved via text message from our scheduling coordinators. If you are a foster family, please let a member of our office staff know in order to receive free registration.
  • What happens our swimmers are sick when enrolled in rental pool lessons?
    For our Indoor Rental Pools, if the office is notified that the lesson needs to be cancelled due to sickness with less than 24 hours notice, the full lesson price will automatically be charged. As long as notice was given at least an hour prior to the lesson start time, a makeup credit will be issued. The client pays for the lesson they are canceling and the make up credit is added to their account. If the office receives more than 24 hour’s notice, the client will be able to choose between paying the corresponding cancellation fee, or paying the full lesson price and receiving a makeup credit. Please note that makeup credits must be booked by the client and expire after 45 days. For more information, and to see how many makeup credits are allotted, please CLICK HERE to view our Indoor Rental Pool Policies.
  • Do I have to be present during lessons?
    Guardians are not permitted to be in the water during lessons. Clients who take lessons at Swim Warriors (Dawsonville), must watch the lesson from the designated viewing area. Parents/guardians will not be permitted to remain on the pool deck during lessons at our indoor location.
  • What is the rule on swim diapers?
    Two layers of swim diapers are required for swimmers who are not fully potty trained. Swim diapers can be disposable or reusable, however reusable diapers must be cloth, snug fitting, and heavy duty. Nylon and/or plastic diaper covers are not effective and do not count as a layer of protection. We recommend that parents size down for swim diapers, so they fit snugly. In addition, it is HIGHLY suggested that a disposable swim diaper be worn first, and then a heavy duty CLOTH reusable swim diaper over it (two layers). Both reusable and disposable swim diapers can be purchased at our Dawsonville location. In the event that a swimmer has a fecal accident in the pool, a fee of $250 will be charged to the clients account if the swimmer was not wearing two appropriate layers of protection. If the swimmer was wearing two layers and still happened to have a fecal accident, the fee will be $150. However, we have never had a fecal accident occur in our pool while a swimmer was wearing two appropriate layers of protection.
  • What is available at the Swim Warriors Shop?
    See our list of items HERE!
  • When do sign ups begin?
    Please CLICK HERE to view the 2024 swim sign-up schedule for our Travel lessons.
  • How much is it to sign up?
    Outdoor lessons have a $35 non-refundable registration fee per year. The registration fee is per family/household, due after your dates have been proposed & approved via text message from our scheduling coordinators. If you are a foster family, please let a member of our office staff know in order to receive free registration.
  • What happens if our swimmers are sick when enrolled in travel lessons?
    Please view our Travel cancellation policy HERE.
  • If my child is enrolled in outdoor (summer) lessons can I pick up a lesson at the indoor facility?
    Yes! The openings that are sent out via email every Monday and Wednesday are available to any client. Please keep in mind that our cancellation policy and price is differs per location. We strongly encourage you to pick up additional lessons if you swimmer is struggling, or if you have missed lessons due to bad weather, sickness, etc!
  • Do I have to be present during lessons?
    Guardians are not permitted to be in the water during lessons. If your swimmer is having a difficult time during the first few lessons, please understand that instructors sometimes ask parents to please step out of their swimmers line of sight. Please respect your instructor’s requests to distance yourself from the lesson, especially if it is causing a distraction to the swimmer. We encourage parents to remain within a reasonable distance so that they are still able to observe the lesson while out of their swimmers view. The only persons permitted to attend each swim lesson are two parents/guardians of the child or an approved nanny/sitter that is at least 18 years or older. If you would like to bring additional friends or family, you must receive permission from your instructor to ensure that your swimmer can handle the extra attention and added distraction.
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