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COVID Policy

Our main goal when it comes to our COVID policy is to ensure the safety of our amazing swimmers and instructors. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, as protecting your child's health and safety is our first commitment to you.

Our actions for preventing the spread:

Due to HIPPA, we will not be releasing our instructors' private medical history. Swimming is one of the best activities to perform during this pandemic, as it is outdoors (and in chlorine) and a great form of breath-related exercising. In addition, our indoor locations have minimal students in the water at the same time. We do not require proof of your child's vaccination records, please do not ask our staff for theirs.


If any instructor feels as though they are experiencing any COVID or alike symptoms, the instructor is immediately sent for COVID testing and will not carry out that day's lessons. The instructor will not return to work until a negative test is provided. 

Tested positive

If EITHER an instructor OR a swimmer tests positive for COVID, *or lives in the same household as someone who has tested positive*, instructors must cancel lessons for at least 5 days and/or the swimmer must cancel lessons for at least 5 consecutive days. Once the instructor or swimmer has surpassed 5 days, they can return to lessons only if they are symptom free.

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