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Supporting Our Community

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Annual Adoption Fundraiser

Every year in January we hold a fundraiser for one special family that is raising money for an adoption. 


If you would like to apply for your family or you know of a family that is actively in the process of adoption please share your story!

How to apply: Email us in detail about the adoption story and how this donation would help.

Feel free to include family pictures!

Family Chosen By:

January 1st

Foster Families Receive 
Free Registration

Foster kids hold a special place in our heart. All families fostering a child will be given free registration


Check with your DFCS case worker on swim lesson reimbursement. Most counties allot a certain amount of reimbursements for extracurriculars.


Our office coordinator will be more than happy to provide you with an itemized receipt per swimmer. 

Endorsing Small Businesses

It is crucial in today's world to support your small businesses.


We are so thankful to be here, and for the overwhelming support from our community.


Our Swim Warrior team is full of successful women that have also followed their passions and took the leap of faith to own a small business. Take a look at what we highly reccommend. 

Swim Scholarships

We are proud to announce our partnership with Leland's Legacy in honor of Leland who tragically lost her life in the summer of 2021 due to a drowning accident. 


Swimmer(s) must be willing to travel to a rental pool of their choice.

How to apply: Please click the link below to fill out the scholarship request. In addition to filling out this form you must also fill out a Swim Warrior scheduling request form found on the homepage of our website according to the session you are interested in attending. Leland's provides eight lessons free of charge, and Swim Warriors provides the instructor, waived registration fee and indoor facility.

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