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Anna Lindsey

Second Year Instructor

 My name is Anna Lindsey Sturtevant. This is my second year with Swim Warriors.


My passion for working with kids is what led me to join the Swim Warriors team. I love working with kids of all ages and getting to watch them grow and progress in their hobbies. My goal as an instructor is to help your swimmer become comfortable in the water and grow in their skills, all while having fun!

    I remember when I went to my first swim lesson as a child and I was absolutely terrified and cried at every single lesson! This is what motivated me to want to become an instructor for Swim Warriors because I want every child to have no fear when they step into the water! Swimming can be scary for children, but I hope to erase that fear in each and every swimmer so that they can grow to love the water!

    While I was never a competitive swimmer myself, I have grown up spending many of my summer days in the water. Whether it be at the pool, the lake, or the ocean you could always find me swimming! My parents have a pool in their backyard so, from a very young age, they have instilled in me how important water safety is and that is something that I hope to instill into your swimmers as well. I am also CPR/ AED/ First Aid certified in adults and pediatrics through the American Red Cross.

    Outside of being an instructor, I love spending time with my friends and family. I am also

a student at the University of Georgia where I am an Advertising major with a minor in

Communication Studies. I am so excited for this season with Swim Warriors and I cannot wait to meet your little swimmers!

"My advice to swim parents is, as you begin your journey with Swim Warriors is to trust the
process! The first lessons can be nerve-racking for both the parent and the child but the more
that you stick with it, the better the outcome will be! Keep encouraging your swimmer and be
consistent in lessons and you will see progress in no time! "

- Anna S


"Miss Anna Lindsey was the best instructor. Our three year old asked DAILY if he could go “see Miss Anna for lessons”, to the point where we picked up many of her extra slots too! Her demeanor was perfect, so motivating and kind. And - Jude left the summer more confident be in his abilities than I’ve ever seen him. Thank you Swim Warriors!"

-Jess T


“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into a reality, it takes
an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort”

- Jesse Owens

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