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Alexis Beaschler

Third Year Instructor

Hey, Swim families!


My name is Alexis Beaschler and this will be my third year as a swim instructor for Swim Warriors. In the fall I will be a junior at the University of Dayton, pursuing a degree in Health Sciences.

Growing up, a running joke in my family was that the pool was my real home. From swimming competitively for 12 years to being a varsity swimmer on my high school swim team, swimming on my college’s club team, and working there as a lifeguard, the joke is still running. The pool is truly a place where I feel at home and it is a treat to share my love for swimming with your children.

Over the years I have volunteered for many Special Olympic events and am currently in the Best Buddies club at UD. To this day, my favorite volunteer work was being a swim coach for Forsyth’s Special Olympics swim team. These experiences have helped me these past two summers to teach swimmers of all abilities and I am beyond excited to continue this trend. Last summer I taught swimmers from six months up to competitive swimmers! I look forward to this pre-season training to further enhance my skills. I am also certified in CPR/AED/First Aid in adult and pediatrics through the Red Cross.

I will do everything in my power to keep your child safe, make sure they have fun, and teach them to the best of my abilities. Swimming is one of the most important life skills and it is an honor to teach that to your children.


When we have highs, celebrate with us, but when there are some low points, always show a big smile and stay encouraging. Not every day is a movie but when children see they are in a supportive atmosphere even when they struggle, they won't give up.

I cannot wait for another amazing summer! See you all very soon :)

"My best advice for swim parents is to show your child grace and patience. Swimming is one of the most important skills a young child can obtain, but the journey to becoming a strong swimmer is not always a cakewalk."

- Alexis Beaschler 


Miss Alexis was our girls' swim instructor and she was amazing!! Both of our girls (ages 4 and 1 year old) are very particular about people and very shy. They loved her and did so well. I cannot believe our 4 year old learned to swim in 1 summer! She went from being afraid to put her head under water to swimming like a mermaid and loving every second of it!! Alexis is super patient, caring, and just great with kids of all ages. 

-Liana D


“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

- Mother Teresa
I love this quote so much especially working for a company that accepts all individuals regardless of their background, or capabilities. If we just judge someone based on their appearance or abilities, we will never be able to love that person for who they truly are.

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