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Abby Ellis

First Year Instructor

Hey! My name is Abigail Ellis, Miss Abby to my clients. I’m new to Swim Warriors as of July 2023, and I’m super happy to be here! Fun little fact about me, I am actually a triplet and then I have an older sister.


I have been swimming since I can remember. I started out swimming for Grand Cascades around the age of six and I continued until I was about nine. I stopped participating in swim team for a few years but finally got back into it during the summer of 2021. I had missed the water on my break, and I couldn’t help but come back to it. I enjoy every minute at practice and swim meets, no matter how exhausting it may feel. 


Working here has expanded my passion even further. The second I saw the job on Indeed, I sent in my cover letter and resume. They called to schedule my interview, and I prayed I’d get the job. I’m so thankful I found such a wonderful place to work, and I’m really excited to meet new people and make an impact on my clients.


After I completed all of my hours of training, both online and in-person, I got CPR and AED certified and completed first aid training. I made sure to learn infant CPR as well. 


This job has provided me with such big opportunities and opened up a whole new world of people. I enjoy meeting all of the Swim Warriors families and watching the clients bloom as they become more confident in themselves. Working with each l client and watching their improvement is so rewarding and it never ceases to thrill l me every time I watch them succeed. It’s truly a blessing to be a part of their journey.

My advice for swim parents would be to just trust the instructor and cherish watching your child grow. The change is a beautiful thing to watch, and it happens pretty fast. I know some parents can be a bit nervous for their children, and that is completely normal! Find comfort in the fact that all of the instructors are taught that safety is our first and foremost priority. Sometimes children will cry when they are uncomfortable with the water or an unfamiliar face, and that is okay! The water can be a daunting thing for many kids learning to swim, and your child isn’t alone in that. We work hard to help each kid become confident in themselves and perform to their highest. Practicing at home, even in a bathtub, is super important. Parents who practice with their kids often see quicker results as their child practices and begins to enjoy the water. 


"Starfish are notorious suck-ups. They love to give compliments. But it's nice when you need a little boost."

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