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Shelby Mauldin

Second Year Instructor

Hi! My name is Shelby Mauldin.


I am so excited to be joining the amazing team of Swim Warriors for my second year this season! I am a rising sophomore at the University of South Carolina and am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am also CPR/AED/ First Aid in adult and pediatrics through Red Cross.


Swim has always been a passion of mine throughout my life. I started my swim career when I was 8 years old at my local summer league swim team. Quickly I found a love for the sport and began pursuing year-round shortly after. Since then, my love has only grown as I continue to incorporate the sport into my day-to-day life. From coaching at said summer league team to partaking at my college’s club swim team, it is truly a sport that has continued to grow alongside me. I am looking forward to sharing my love for this sport with my swimmers this season! 

One thing that has really drawn me into the Swim Warriors team is their Annual Adoption Fundraiser! My sisters and I were adopted from China when we were about one year old. Since then, I know that the adoption community has always and will continue to support me as I go through life. Through working with Swim Warriors, I hope to contribute back!

One of my sisters is special needs. Therefore, growing up within the special needs community has allowed me to gain experience working with children ranging from mild ADHD to severe autism. For example, it has allowed me to participate in events such as Special Olympics Swim team for the past four years as a coach! I hope to use these experiences as I continue to work not only for this company but also as I pursue the field of nursing. 

Swim Warriors truly has changed my life and never would I have thought that I would adore a job as much as I had last season. I fell in love with growing alongside my kids in confidence, trust, and ability in the water as well as being able to see the progress they made throughout the season.


I cannot wait for this upcoming season and am excited to see your children grow! :)

"My best advice for swim parents is to always be encouraging. Here at Swim Warriors, we are always promoting a positive swim environment, whether that be in or out of the water. We can only do so much to help instill confidence in your child, however, it is up to you as parents to continue building them up. Teaching your child to swim is a collaborative effort between the instructor, your child, and the parent, so don’t be afraid to ask your instructor for advice so that you can practice the skills that your child is learning out of swim lessons."

- Shelby Mauldin


We have LOVED being partnered with Miss Shelby this summer. Our little mermaid was in dire need of swim lessons because she was so attracted to the water but didn't know how to swim without help from a floatation device. Although the first few lessons were rough with many tears, our just-turned 3-year-old now cannot WAIT for lessons with Miss Shelby a few times a week. Shelby instilled confidence in her and has been so, so patient. Naomi has grown by leaps and bounds in such a short time and we are so proud! Thank you, Miss Shelby!!

-Abbie P

Favorite Quote

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” - Martin Luther King Jr. 

The idea of learning how to swim may seem a little daunting at first, but with every moment spent in the water, we continue to to build and grow your child’s water skills. It is that initial leap of faith that is crucial for a kid’s learning and once they gain that confidence, it truly is remarkable to see how much they can accomplish. 

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