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Scheduling Coordinator

Hi everyone, I am Patty. 

I am a military wife and mother to 3 boys. I have traveled the world and enjoyed living overseas. As a result, I learned about different cultures and made deep, long-lasting relationships in every country we lived in. I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hiking, and camping with family and friends. I am a HUGE Braves fan and have spent many hours standing in line on Bobble-Head days.  

I am a big believer in, “When you love what you have, you have everything you need”, and I haven’t found myself in need for quite a while.

I am very excited to start a new chapter with the great team Brooke has brought together with Swim Warriors. I believe in the work they do with children and the life-saving knowledge they instill in them. I am so proud to play a small part in it.

"My best advice to swim parents is to not give up and try and get the most out of every single lesson!"

- Patricia Diaz


Favorite Quote

“When you love what you have you have everything you need”

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