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Taylor Robinson

Second Year Instructor

Hey! My name is Taylor Robinson, and I am a second-year instructor with Swim Warriors! 


 I’m 18 and I currently live in Cumming, Georgia. I love all things sports, working out, and going to the beach! 

I just graduated from West Forsyth High School and plan to attend The University of Alabama in the fall to study business marketing. I have played soccer since I was 3 years old and hope to play for a club team at Bama! Another fun fact about me, I was the kicker for the West Forsyth football team. I’m also involved in a plethora of clubs; DECA, NHS, BETA, and NTHS. 

I have always loved being in the water and swimming, whether it be in the ocean or a pool. During my family trips to Florida, I never left the pool! Swimming underwater, like a mermaid, was my favorite thing to do for hours upon hours. I also took swim lessons from a really young age and always had so much fun with it. My mission is to make swimming just as fun to learn as it was for me for all of my students that I am blessed to teach.
Although I have never been a competitive swimmer, I have a lot of experience with kids of all ages. I earned this experience through babysitting for many families on a weekly basis. I love being the most exciting part of their day! It’s such a memorable experience to see a child excited about learning something new.


What a great opportunity I have now been given to teach children a skill they will not only keep for life, but it will be a set of skills to save their life. I am also certified through the Red Cross in infant, pediatric, and adult CPR, first aid, and AED training. I have also worked with children with autism, albinism, and children who are deaf. 

I got introduced to Swim Warriors through an Instructor whom I had been friends with for a long time. I had been looking for a job and she mentioned it to me and I jumped on it immediately, because it sounded like something I would love to do. I started working full-time that summer and I could not be more thankful to be part of this amazing team.
Being a part of the Swim Warrior team this year is an opportunity I could not pass up. Who wouldn’t want a job this rewarding? I am looking forward to making a real difference in the lives of my students this summer. See you soon!



"My best advice for parents is practice, practice, practice! Practicing outside of lessons can help your child progress quicker and they will love getting to show you what they have learned!"

- Taylor Robinson


We were looking for our two boys to learn to enjoy being in the water. Previous swim lessons had left our oldest son with a fear of water. A neighbor encouraged us to join them this summer and have Swim Warriors come to our neighborhood. We couldn’t be happier! Taylor has transformed our boys from two fearful and uncertain kids into water loving boys. She is so kind and caring with them. She gives praise and encouragement throughout every lesson. We can never thank Taylor enough for helping our boys find joy in swimming!!

-Jaime E


“Sometimes you don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness.” – Susan Gale


Everyone has a weakness or fear. Overcoming even the smallest of trials builds your confidence, things you never thought you’d be capable of start to occur. Many people have a fear of swimming specifically. Being capable to guide them to the realization that they are strong enough and capable of doing it is why I am proud to be a part of this team. 

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