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Lily Howell

Second Year Instructor

Hello, my name is Lillian Howell, but my students call me Miss Lily!


I'm a second-year instructor and I’m currently going into my Senior year of high school. I'm super excited to be continuing into my second year of swim instructing for Swim Warriors as I have learned so much about teaching and the company itself since last summer. I am also certified through the Red Cross in adult and pediatric CPR, first aid, and AED training.

Here are a few things about me so you can get to know me! I've been homeschooled since the second grade and was born into a family of five. After a few additions and adoptions over the years, we are now a family of ten! I have a huge heart for children of all different abilities as I have three siblings with special needs which include: Autism, Spina Bifida, and Pallister Killian Syndrome along with Deafness and Blindness.


Being in a large family has brought me so much joy and has given me so many different opportunities in my life so far. Since the age of eight, I've been able to do anything from changing dirty diapers to tube feeding medically fragile children. I've also had many opportunities to babysit for a bunch of sweet families since I was fourteen. All of this has played a pretty vital role in my teaching style and the patients I have for people and for kids in particular.

When I was thirteen I had the honor of getting to travel to China, alongside my parents, to adopt my older sister Amanda. Meanwhile, Brooke, the owner of Swim Warriors and a friend whom my family has known since I was the age of six, stayed with the rest of my siblings while my mom, dad, and I traveled to China for three weeks for the adoption of my sister.

Brooke always told me that right as I turned sixteen she would hire me as an instructor and that all became true as of last year. I had the most amazing experience last summer getting to teach for Swim Warriors and I am so looking forward to this 2022 swim season!  


I can't wait to meet you and my new little swim friends.

"My best advice to parents would be to trust your instructor! 
Kids often cry and are really nervous about their first lessons. It’s completely normal and it does get better! Once the instructor and your child begin to bond and start to trust each other, the lessons become much more fun!"

- Lily Howell


Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2


My family just installed a pool knowing that it would not only be a great way to make family memories but also to use as a therapy outlet. My little brother that is 8 years old and has autism learned how to swim by himself! Seeing him jump in without hesitation was definitely an eye-opening experience. In the past, he was always terrified of swimming. It was unknown to us at the time if he would be able to swim and enjoy the pool with us. The feeling of relief, and not having to worry about him as much because he is now a confident swimmer is amazing, and something I would like to provide every family I teach with.

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