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First Year Instructor

Hello, swim families!

My name is Lily Grace Goodyear. I am a senior in high school through a homeschool hybrid program called TandemEDU and I am currently doing dual enrollment through Toccoa Falls College. When I graduate high school, I plan to pursue a degree in nursing. In my free time, I enjoy reading classic literature, learning Spanish, listening to music, attempting new tricks on my skateboard, and spending time with my family in our pool. 

This is my first year as a year-round Swim Warriors instructor; however, this is not my first time working with children. I have been babysitting my little sisters, neighborhood children, and family friends' children for nearly a decade. Through my experiences working with children, I have discovered the importance of attaining CPR/AED/First Aid certifications.  Since being a Swim Warriors instructor I have become certified in CPR/AED/First Aid in adult and pediatrics through the American Heart Association. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found a job that incorporates two of my passions: childhood education and swimming.

Swimming and being around water have always been a massive part of my life. I’ve loved the water since I learned to swim at age two. Whether it be a lake, an ocean, or a pool, I’m in it, splashing around like a little kid. Growing up, I was also always on local swim teams, one time even making the front page of the local newspaper alongside my little sister, Kate. 

I am thrilled to be a member of the Swim Warriors family, and I’m so excited to watch your children flourish and learn to love the water as much as I do (if that is even possible). I am looking forward to getting to know you and all of your sweet kiddos


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