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Gemma Camacho

Fourth Year Instructor

Hi! My name is Gemma Camacho!


Growing up I have always been around water - whether it’s a backyard pool, swimming in Lake Lanier, or even the Gulf of Mexico. My cousins and I loved swimming together when we were younger and we were in the pool any chance we got. My uncle used to take us out on the lake and we would go tubing, wakeboarding, and just cruising. Now, we live on the lake! 

While I loved water when I was younger, it was not always that way. I remember when my dad taught me to swim and I was absolutely terrified! After lots of encouragement, I finally started to love it.  I swam so much that my dad started calling me his little fish. I started out begging him to stop making me swim, and ended up begging him to take me swimming. I truly understand children’s fear of water, and I am an expert in helping them overcome that!

I started my swim career through lifeguarding. What I liked best about that job was the interaction with the kids at the pool, and keeping them safe around it. Being a part of the Swim Warrior team has merged all my interests, and passion into one job!

I just completed my second year at the University of Georgia where I am majoring in Accounting and minoring in Spanish. I have always loved working with kids whether it be babysitting or participating in clubs that involve mentoring or helping kids in need. When I’m not studying or working, I spend most of my time with my friends and family. I love spending time outdoors – I enjoy hiking, soccer, camping, hanging out on the lake, and other outdoor activities.

This will be my fourth summer as an instructor. I am certified in CPR/AED/First Aid in adult and pediatrics through the Red Cross. I have worked with kids from 6 months old to competitive swimmers. ​I have worked with hundreds of kids the past two summers and have loved every second of it.  I am so excited to continue to teach my swimmers to love swimming as much as I do.

I have seen firsthand how successful our company’s approach to teaching swimming is and cannot wait for you to see it too! All of the instructors strictly follow Brooke's program and we will get your kiddos swimming. Add a little bit of outside encouragement and practice and you will see the results even faster!

​I can't wait for this summer and to meet all my new families!

"If I could offer some advice to swim parents, I would say to promote a positive environment around swimming. The best way to get your kids to improve is through encouragement. Showing them videos from their lessons, practicing and playing in the pool on days where you don’t have lessons, and overall talking up the lessons. It is totally normal for kids to be nervous about swimming, but remembering to make swimming fun and to keep congratulating them on their improvements helps to ease their worries."

-Gemma Camacho

Cheryl E.

"We were so happy with our Swim Warriors experience this summer. Ms. Gemma was absolutely amazing with my stubborn 4 year old and hesitant 1 year old. She handled their unique personalities with such grace, patience, but also the firmness they needed to be successful. I was absolutely amazed at the progress they made in the short time we were in lessons. We are so grateful for Ms. Gemma and the Swim Warriors Program. We can't wait for next summer!"


"If you feed your confidence, you’ll starve your fears.”


Whether it be through fear of embarrassment, failure, or simply trying something new, fear often holds people back from achieving their dreams. This is especially true when it comes to learning to swim, or even improving your swimming skills.

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