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First Year Instructor

My name is Anna Spillane and I am 21 years old. I am the second youngest in a family of 6 kids

and I have always valued being active outside and enjoying various outdoor activities. I have

babysat for 8+ years so I love children which is why I am currently in Nursing school at GSCU to

become a NICU nurse.


I was interested in Swim Warriors and wanted to be a part of the team

first and foremost because I believe in their mission to establish children’s confidence in the

water at an early age. I was a part of a competitive swim team for 6+ years growing up, and I so

appreciate the endurance and skills I learned throughout that time. The ability to swim is vital for

safety, but beyond that, it can become a fun filled hobby or talent. I can’t wait to be a part of that

journey of new swimmers and see the transition of survival swimming become an activity to

enjoy and embellish through Swim Warriors.

Advice to Swim parents coming soon...


Coming soon...

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