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Ally Irvine

Fourth Year Instructor
Lead Instructor

My name is Ally Irvine (Miss Ally to all of my students).


I am a senior at the University of North Georgia pursuing a degree in business marketing. I’ll be graduating in December! I hope to use my degree towards aiding this company’s growth and continue to teach life-saving skills. 

Since I started working at Swim Warriors five years ago, this company has truly become my passion and gives me a higher drive for life. These last few years, teaching hundreds of swimmers has been unforgettable. I am excited to be back once again! Last year, I was promoted to an additional role as a lead instructor and I am continuing that role this season.

For the past four summers, I have held the record for most students taught (not including Brooke, of course.) and I have loved every minute of it! Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when a swimmer finally masters something they have been struggling with. 

I have experience in teaching all ages, from infants to adults. My expertise is vast in working with students with Autism, Nonverbal Autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Neurofibromatosis, Spina Bifida, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Aqua-phobia. I have also worked with many ESOL swimmers. 

Over the past three summers, I have become passionate about teaching adults (including many with exceptionalities)! One of my specialties is aiding those who have high anxiety about swimming or going under; I have been successful in making swimming a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.   

Through my continued training over the past five years and my success with hundreds of students, I am confident in my ability to create a love for the water with any person that enters the Swim Warriors program. 

"My best advice for parents of new swimmers would be to always practice and to trust your instructor; regardless if I am your instructor we all strictly follow the Swim Warrior's program. As soon as lessons start, try to talk highly and frequently about going under and celebrate every success in the lesson no matter how small.


Another great idea is to take short videos of the lesson and watch the videos in between seeing your instructor to keep it fresh in their memory. I always strive to make swimming an enjoyable experience that instills confidence; this is more obtainable when parents keep it a part of their daily life!"


- Ally Irvine


"This was our first year using Swim Warriors and Ally was amazing! She was so patient with our two-year-old, who usually took a little warming up. Our five-year-old left feeling confident each time and looking forward to the next lesson. We will definitely be requesting Ally in the future!"

-Becca L


“A person is a person, no matter how small.”


- Dr. Suess

I think this simple quote holds important morals of which all people should live by. No matter who the person is or how young they are, we all deserve equal respect. Including swimmers of all abilities!

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