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Substitute Swim  Instructor

Hello Swim families! 

I am so excited be joining Swim Warriors for my third year as an instructor this summer. I will be a substitute swim instructor this year and be filling in for instructors on their days off and look forward to meeting your little ones. I met Brooke when I was 15 and the second she told me about this job, I knew this is where I was meant to be. The joy of teaching kids how to swim and seeing them gain more and more in-water skills throughout the weeks is the greatest feeling in the world!

I graduated from Forsyth Central High school this year and will be attending The University of Alabama in the fall. I will be majoring in Health Sciences on a Pre-Physicians Assistant track, in hopes to become a Pediatric Orthopedic Physicians Assistant. I have been working for swim warriors since my sophomore year of high-school and have loved every minute of working with all ages. I have experience with infants, toddlers, special needs, as well as older ages for training purposes.


Over the years, this job has shown me the importance of teaching children water safety and obtaining the ability to swim. Beginning children at early ages of swimming is a skill they will take on with them throughout their whole life. Not only is it a lifelong skill, but it can be a lifesaving skill. That is the sole purpose of swim warriors, teaching in order to avoid unsafe instances and practice safe swimming all around!!

I nanny for multiple families in the Cumming area!! I am also CPR/AED certified. This year I Interned for a pediatrician at Alpharetta pediatrics and last year I Interned for Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor through CHOA. Once again, I am so excited to meet all of your little swimmers and spend this summer in the water!! See you soon swim families!!

"My number one advice to any swim
parent out there is too enroll your kids early in swim lessons. The earlier they begin to learn water safety and skills the more it will stick with them as they grow up. Water safety is most important when any child is around water, therefore the earlier they learn the better.”

-Morgan S


“To know even one life has breathed easier because of you have lived. This is to have succeeded”


-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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